Cổ Điển mới 3D Rồng Diều 140*120 cm Dây Chuyền Đơn Với Đuôi Ngoài Trời Đồ Chơi Thể Thao-quốc tế

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Tình trạng: Còn hàng

  • Chất liệu: Nylo1 X Diều (wtih 100 m dây) n
  • Kích thước: 140*120 cm
  • Thích hợp cho bay trong thời tiết của 2nd cấp độ gió và ở trên.
  • Rồng cánh diều có thể mang đến cho bạn tâm trạng tốt, cung cấp năng lượng tích cực cho cuộc sống của bạn.
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  • Màu sắc:
    New Classical 3D Dragon Kite 140*120cm Single Line With Tail Outdoor Sports Toy Children Kids

    Material: Nylon
    Color: As picture shows
    Size: 140*120cm

    - The dragon kite can bring you good mood, offer positive energy for your life.
    - Single line kite is perfect for kids--ready to fly in seconds, looks brilliant in the sky and flies great too.
    - Suitable for flying in the weather of 2nd wind level and above.

    1. Choose an open site at least 5 km (3 miles) from an airfield, away from trees, houses, roads, highways and railway lines.
    2. Do not fly a kite in wet or stormy weather, or with wet or metallic flying line. Do not fly in winds beyond your strength.
    3. Never fly a kite near electric pylons, overhead power cables or overhead lines of any kind.
    4. Avoid flying over the heads of other people or animals as this could cause them alarm, or worse yet, injury.
    5. Do not fly your kite over the legal limit in your country.
    6. Wear safety gear, such as helmet, gloves, sunglasses, proper reel choices, goggles, guards, etc. Especially for larger kites and in stronger winds to avoid string burns.
    7. Avoid flying too close to other kites to avoid tangled or cut lines, damaged kites and accidents.
    8. Don't fly when wind speed is greater than 20mph. The strong wind will tear the kite.

    Package included:
    1 X Kite(wtih 100M string)

    - Please allow slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display setting. Thank you for your understanding!

    1 X Kite(wtih 100M string)

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