10 cái 65 mét Từ Tua Vít Bit Tấm Thạch Cao Chong Chóng Vít cho Bất Kỳ Máy Khoan-quốc tế

133,000 đ 256,000 48.05%


Tình trạng: Còn hàng

  • Chất liệu: S2 (Thép Dụng Cụ), Từ
  • Chân Đường Kính: Khoảng 1/4
  • Tổng Chiều Dài: Khoảng 65 mét
  • Màu sắc:
    • Features:
      -Automatically Sets Screws To Proper Depth In Drywall
      -These Are Designed To Be Used With Any Power Drill Or Cordless Drill
      -Includes Depth Stop To Limit Screw Penetration & Damage To Board
      -Suitable For Plasterboard Screws Locating And As Drywall Dimpler Bits, Can Matching With Any Power Drill And Cordless Drill For Normal Usage.
      -Depth Stop Design Can Limit Screw Penetration And Damage To Board, More Useful Easy To Install The Drywall Screws, Good Decoration Tools.
      -Depth Setting Bit Tip Offers Screw Gun Feature In A Power Drill, Shock
      Resistant Tool Steel For Maximum Durability Hardened Core For Extra Strength & Reduced Breakage
      -Heat Treated To Resist Breakage & Wear, To Control Depth Of Screw During Driving Applications.
      -The Phillips Drywall Insert Bit Is Designed Specifically For Use With Phillips Drywall Screws, With A 1/4" Hex Shank For Use In Bit Holders.

    • Material: S2(Tool Steel),Magnetic

    • Colour: As Picture

    • Shank Diameter: Approx 1/4

    • Total Length: Approx 65mm

    • Package Weight: 136 G / 4.80 Ounces

    • Package Dimensions (L*W*H): 100*80*10 MM / 3.94*3.15*0.39 Inches

    • Retail Packaging: No, No Packing

    1x 10pc Drywall Screwdriver Bit Set 65mm

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